House Rules


House Rules

Welcome to JRB Vacations, LLC Luxury cabin rentals and thank you for being our guest. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable environment to stay in while you enjoy your vacation. We realize that you have choices and we want to make your stay with us a memorable experience so that you will stay with us again and recommend us to your friends and family. We ask that you read these policies in detail. Relax and enjoy your stay.  Click on the hyperlink to download the complete house rules.

Our Cabins are Family Friendly. 

You must be at least 25 years of age to reserve or stay in the vacation rental. Everyone in the group must be over the age of 25. We will not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age or un-chaperoned groups. Upon check-in, we reserve the right to refuse service with monies forfeited if any discrepancies in our policies are suspected. Exceptions may be made for couples below this age.

CHECK-IN TIME IS ANYTIME AFTER 4:00PM: Cabins are Self Check-In. A confirmation email will be sent to you with driving directions to your cabin from If you do not receive the e-mail, please check your junk/spam folder. Please add us to your address book to receive your reminder e-mail with the key code to your cabin. Ensure you have your map and written directions as noted on your confirmation. The roads are new and do not appear on GPS maps. If traveling in separate vehicles, please ensure your guests have the written driving directions. If your guests are not registered, we cannot provide them with your confirmation information. We will accommodate early check in requests when possible. 

WHAT TO BRING: Bring your clothes and your food. We suggest you bring outdoor towels for your personal use. Please do not remove anything from the cabin (towels/blankets). Please do not use our blankets and comforters for picnics, please bring your own. We hope to have everything you need in your cabin to make your stay comfortable. We provide kitchen pots, pans, dishes, spices, dish soap, dishwasher pods, trash bags, paper towels, bed/bath linen, toilet tissue and laundry detergent.

Pets are NOT ALLOWED: Failure to comply with the NO PET policy results in a $100 per day charge. If you bring a pet you will be asked to remove the pet and/or vacate the premises with no refund. An additional cleaning fee of $250 may also be assessed. We love our pets too but please leave them at home as many of our guests have allergies. 

Parking: There is plenty of parking space for vehicles including boats and trailers. There is no covered parking.

BBQ Grill: The BBQ grill is charcoal. You will need to bring charcoal and fire starters. If you forget check under the sink as there may be extra fire starters there. One starter will do the trick. 

Gas Fireplaces: Both fireplaces in the house and on the back porch are gas. There are timers located on the wall near each fireplace that are used to turn the fire on. Please do not put anything in the fire or rearrange the gas logs. Doing either can damage the fireplace and surroundings as well as create a dangerous carbon monoxide situation. The charge to clean the fireplace if foreign items are burned in it or if the logs are moved can exceed $500. Gas fireplaces may not be available in the hot summer months. 

HOT TUBS & COVERS: Please do not allow anyone in your group to walk-on, jump-on or play-on the hot tub covers, they will break. The condition of your hot tub cover was documented prior to your arrival. Our hot tubs are cleaned and chemically treated after every rental. Hot tub use is strictly at your own risk. Persons who have high blood pressure, skin sensitivities, or who might be pregnant are strongly urged not to use a hot tub. Hot tubs can cause your blood pressure to rise if you have been drinking. Please keep the cover on the hot tub at all times when not in use. This will help to keep the temperature at the desired level. You will be assessed additional cleaning fees if bubbles, oils, food, or foreign items are put in the hot tub. Instructions for hot tub use are posted on the fridge. 

Fire Pits: Firewood is provided but you will need to bring fire starters. Please keep all fires in the pits and please make sure all fires are out prior to check-out. Chairs are provided by the firepits. Please do not remove furniture from the back porch.

Absolutely NO SMOKING IN CABIN: No smoking of any type is allowed inside. This includes vaping and marijuana. Failure to comply will be a $100 per day charge. Ashtrays are provided outside for smokers. Please be a courteous smoker and don’t flip your ashes on the porch or your butts in the yard! 

WE REALLY LIKE OUR TREES! Please do not whack or cut down or damage ANY tree, regardless of size. Simply said, they are not your trees to cut! Minimum $500 fee for tree damage.

Internet Services: Free high speed wi-fi is available but we cannot be responsible for any internet failure. The Wi Fi password is on display on the table at the entrance to the cabin. No refunds or compensation will be given for internet failure or computer incompatibility. All TVs are Smart TVs so you may use your own accounts for Netflix and such. There is also an echo dot if you would like to connect for music. If you need to reset the modem, simply unplug for one minute and plug back in to reset. The modem is located in the bedroom on the right in the closet floor. 

There is a fee of $100 for tampering with the electronics, ie: television, receivers, and other miscellaneous equipment in the cabin. Please do not unhook or disconnect the equipment for video games or for any other reason. Housekeeping will check the TVs, stereo, surround sound, etc. to ensure they are in working order. Fines will be strictly enforced to cover the cost of correcting any tampering of equipment.  Please ensure everything is in working order before you leave the cabin and please keep remote controls in the rooms they were originally located. Each TV has its own remote. A fee of $75 will be assessed for each lost remote. There are 4 remotes in total.

Games: A corn hole game is provided for your outdoor enjoyment. It is located on the back porch and the bean bags for it are located inside by the back door in a basket. Please return these after each use so that the next guest will have them to enjoy. Leaving them out in the weather will damage the boards. Board games are located in the closet by the front door in the house.

PEACE & QUIET IS PROMOTED: Please be respectful of any neighboring cabins.

ATV RIDING is prohibited around the cabins or on the cabin property. Most roads around the cabin are private but some are county roads and it is illegal to ride a vehicle on a county road that is not properly tagged. In addition you must be 16 years of age to lawfully drive the ATV. Fines start at $250 per person and are enforced by the Sheriffs and Game Wardens.

FIREWORKS are prohibited on cabin property. All land is private or government owned and neither will allow fireworks. If you are caught using fireworks around your cabin you will be asked to vacate the premises with NO REFUND issued.

WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS: When on vacation in the forest there is a heightened probability Guests will encounter some type of wildlife, insects or stray animals. The cabin is professionally treated on a scheduled basis for interior pests, but because of the natural habitation of the forest, no refunds or compensation will be given for any pests inside or outside of the cabin. Do NOT feed animals you may see around the cabin nor permit them to enter the cabin. Do not allow children to play with, pet or feed these animals. We are not responsible for any wildlife or animal encounters of any kind and will not be responsible for medical bills resulting from encounters with wildlife.

QUALITY CONTROL & CUSTOMER SERVICE: JRB Vacations LLC reserves the right to enter the rental property at any time including during Guests stay to respond to a service call for repairs, respond to altercations, investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damage and check for pets.

MAINTENANCE REPAIRS – SERVICE CALLS: Guests understand that we cannot guarantee against encountering problems at the cabin. Please report all damages and non-emergency maintenance request to us at (903)736-8202 or (903)738-3937 between 8am and 4pm. We will make every reasonable effort to address the issue.

Please call us anytime day or night with an emergency. If your non-emergency can wait till business hours, it would greatly be appreciated.

CLEANING: Linens and towels are included in the cabins; daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. We suggest you bring extra towels for outdoor use. Please do not remove towels or linens from the cabin. Washer, dryer, and laundry detergent are provided.

WHAT TO DO ON YOUR CHECK-OUT DATE: You will be responsible for the cleaning during your stay and for leaving the cabin tidy and in good condition at checkout. Please remember that you are staying in a privately owned cabin; please treat it as you would want someone to treat your home. If accommodations are left damaged or unusually messy (such as unwashed dishes or stains on the furniture or carpet), an additional cleaning charge will be added to your credit card after your departure. Items in cabin found missing or broken will be charged accordingly.

Check Out Time is 11:00am: Please respect this time as the housecleaners will need to start at 11:00am in order to have everything ready for the next guests checking in at 4:00pm. If you remain past the posted check out time, a minimum late fee of $50 per hour will be added to your reservation. 



Please do the following the morning of your departure:

We hope you enjoyed your stay and look forward to you visiting again soon! Please like our Facebook page and provide a review if you were happy with your stay. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know. When booking your next visit, go directly to our web page and save the booking fees!